Suggested Guidebooks and Introductions:

Booth, Andrew, The Angkor Guidebook: 

Your Essential Companion to the Temples 

(ABOUTAsia Travel, Siem Reap, 3rd edition, 2016)


Freeman, Michael and Jacques, Claude, 

Ancient Angkor (River Books, Bangkok, 

revised 2003)


Jessup, Helen Ibbitson, 

Art and Architecture of Cambodia 

(Thames and Hudson, London, 2004)


Laur, Jean, Angkor: 

An Illustrated Guide to the Monuments 

(Flammarion, Paris, 2002)


Rooney, Dawn, Angkor: 

Cambodia’s Wondrous Khmer Temples 

(Odyssey, Hong Kong, 2006)


Roveda, Vittorio, 

Khmer Mythology: 

Secrets of Angkor Wat 

(Weatherhill, New York, 1998)